"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!"

People of Maine, I want to thank you for your support over the years. However this will be my last message to you.

You screwed up with this election by voting for Janet Mills. The GOP establishment didn’t take my advice on how to beat Mills with all the evidence of her partisan activism while Attorney General. The truth is, I think deep down they wanted Janet Mills to be elected Governor. It restores the ebb and flow of the Republican v Democrat battle which benefits the political machine, not the American people.

We can do better. We need to do better. If we can focus on public policy instead of the figure heads of political parties, we can make this country great again.

I will be un-enrolling from the Republican Party, and Integrity4Maine will be reborn as something bigger and better.

So long Maine…. “and thanks for all the fish.”