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District Attorney Michael Povich called female victims vulgar names

District Attorney Michael Povich called female victims vulgar names
April 16
00:51 2018

Former Hancock County District Attorney Michael Povich is no stranger to controversy and lawsuits. In some circles, he is considered one of the most corrupt prosecutors in Maine. Yet Povich has somehow avoided being disciplined by the Board of Overseers. Mary Kellett, Carletta Bassano, and William Entwistle, weren’t so lucky being the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd state prosecutors in the history of Maine to be disciplined by the Board of Overseers of the Bar. All three of these prosecutors directly worked with, and were trained by Povich.

Michael Povich is currently named as a defendant in a high profile civil rights law suit where an innocent man was prosecuted based upon a false allegation by his wife when all the evidence pointed to his innocence. However, I think the #MeToo movement has long forgotten about his early malfeasance.

In 2002, a female employed as the victim witness advocate in the Hancock County District Attorney’s Office filed a complaint against Michael Povich with the Hancock County Commissioner’s office. She alleged that Povich not only made sexual comments towards her, but also referred to all female victims as “sluts” and “whores.” So imagine you are a legitimate rape victim, and your case is sent to the District Attorney’s Office to have the perpetrator prosecuted. But the District Attorney believes all women are “sluts” and “whores.” Did he mean that she deserved to get raped? Did he mean that her skirt was too short and probably wanted to be raped? Now remember, this is the person responsible for ensuring you receive justice and the perpetrator is held accountable for his actions. To me, this prejudice by the most powerful elected public official in the county, responsible for holding people accountable for their crimes against the people, clearly should disqualify him for the position of District Attorney. Yet no bar complaints were filed. There were no public protests. There was no action taken by the Maine Attorney General’s office to remove him from the position he had been in for 28 years.

Is this 28 years, believing all female victims are “sluts” and “whores?”


Based upon news articles at that time, Michael Povich admitted that he did make those comments and stated that sometimes he even calls his daughter a “slut.”

Well Mr. Povich, I guess that is how you raised her, isn’t it?

Hancock County Commissioner’s office upheld 5 of the 7 issues that the female employee cited in her complaint against Povich. She later filed a civil suit in Federal Court against Povich.


It would appear that the million dollar question for the #metoo movement….. where is your outrage?

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