If I Ran For Governor

If I Ran For Governor
May 15
23:48 2018
Walker's Point

-Walker’s Point, Kennebunkport, Maine-

As I closely watch this year’s gubernatorial election, with all the rhetoric and party politics, it is difficult to decipher fact from fiction. While candidates say one thing during their campaign, what they do after they are elected is frequently the problem. History has shown us that quite often it doesn’t matter what political affiliation the candidates are because the candidates show their true agenda when they cast their vote on the Maine State House floor. I am quite astonished by the hypocrisy and lack of critical thinking by the Democrats in Maine. But what is even more disheartening to watch is when the Republicans In Name Only cast their vote with the Liberals. There appears to be no ethics, no accountability, and a clear showing of contempt for the citizens of Maine. 

Constitutional law talks about society’s obligation to the citizens, while criminal law talks about citizen’s obligation to society. What candidate will be able to balance the needs and responsibilities of Mainers versus the needs and responsibilities of the State? Clearly the Main Steam Media is not going to give us a clear picture of the candidates because of its blatant liberal bias and infatuation with radical feminist Janet Mills. 


This election will come down to a few major talking points;

Guns, Jobs, Aging Population, Education, and Immigrants.

                                                    (Because no one is really talking about the corruption)


Union Fair

-Union Fair-


While I normally support Republican candidates for their conservative values (mostly because the Progressives are generally running around like a headless Chicken Little telling us the sky is falling while its body is still thinking it can fly), I do find myself adamantly disagreeing with some of the Republican proposed resolutions. For the record, I have lived in 3 foreign countries, including having lived under Communist rule for five years. I’ve seen what works, what doesn’t work, and it has shaped my own worldview in the process. How unique my perspective is, that is for you to decide.


2nd Amendment

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

I think “shall not be infringed” is the most important piece of evidence in support of the 2nd Amendment. Infringed is defined as an “act so as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on.”

Liberal politicians are actively engaging in subverting and circumventing the 2nd Amendment. This is in violation of their oath of office which states they will defend the Constitution. If Liberals are so intent on destroying the U.S. Constitution then they should be classified as domestic terrorists and dealt with accordingly.

*School Shootings
Republicans however want to arm teachers to combat school shootings. This is an ignorant argument. Most school teachers are liberals who would end up shooting themselves in the foot. Having worked in education for 10 years, I wouldn’t trust 99% of my co-workers with a gun. The real issue with school shootings is the balancing of student rights and responsibilities. All of these school shooters had mental health issues and/or behavior issues that were documented by school staff members. My opinion is that schools cannot effectively handle these kids without trained medical staff and psychologists. When these kids act out, it interferes with other student’s right to an education. Essentially, my belief is that students with bad behavior who refuse to learn and refuse to correct their behavior in effect waive their right to an education. And I hate to use the term “right” to an education because a right implies choice. Education is compulsary therefore there is no choice.

Oath of Office

Elected officials that actively try to circumvent and subvert the U.S. Constitution through the creation of bills and laws are in violation of their oath of office, and shall have their votes recalled and serve a minimum sentence of 2 years in prison.

Lawyers who write such bills shall lose their license to practice and shall be found guilty of conspiracy.


Why does it cost taxpayers $13,000 per student per year to fund public education when it costs less than $5000 a year for a student to go to Community College? And school superintendents beg for more money each year which raises your taxes even more.

What I propose is allowing high school students who are 16 years old and older, who (a) maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher, (b) don’t have behavior problems, and (c) wish to continue their education at the college level, graduate from high school under the condition of earning their associates degree at a Community College in Maine. An entire 2 year college degree can be funded for less money than 1 year of education at a public school.

What are the benefits: 1. Lower taxes 2. Better educated society 3. A younger workforce who is paying into social security who will be better prepared for retirement 4. Incentives for students to behave while in school and work hard

Property Tax

Citizens over 55 years old who own a home and have worked in Maine for 20 years or more will be exempt from paying property tax under the condition the home can pass inspections every 3 years.

Public Engagement

All citizens upon reaching the age of 18, and not in high school, shall be required to perform two years of public service in either the military, police, fire department, military civil support, public works, or local government.

Funding of Non-Profits

1. Funding for domestic violence agencies who refuse heterosexual male victims or proactively conspire against them shall have said funding stopped for 365 days upon first offense. In the event of additional offenses after sanctioning, said domestic violence agency will be prosecuted and forced to repay all federal and state funding for the previous 3 years.

2. Funding for Planned Parenthood needs to end. Abortion  should only be for cases of harm to mother or fetus, rape, or incent. These should not be publicly funded.

Domestic Relations and Marriage

1. Marriages conducted by churches should have the same legal force recognized by the State as long as all other laws as to age and consent of both parties are adhered to. Since these marriages have been performed before God, in the event of irreconcilable differences in which either party wishes to dissolve the marriage, divorce may be sought through the church in which they were married. Divorces through district courts are hostile and purposely create animosity between the parties. Churches are better equipped to dissolve the marriages amicably.
2. Domestic violence cases should be considered criminal in nature, not civil. Current laws pertaining to Protection From Abuse cases handled in civil court, have a much lower standard of evidence. It also puts the defendant at a disadvantage because they are being accused of a criminal act, yet have no right to an attorney if they cannot afford one.
3. False allegations of domestic violence and rape must be criminalized.
4. Unless there is documented evidence of abuse to the children, parents upon dissolution of their marriage shall have equal time with the child.


“We are a nation of laws, not of men.” – John Adams

1. Immigrants who are here illegally must sent back. Under the 14th Amendment “Equal protection clause” all laws pertain to everyone equally. If society is going to cherry pick which laws apply to them or not, then we no longer have a valid justice system. That being said, those who enter the country legally, work in the U.S. legally, and follow our laws and customs, should be welcomed with open arms. I am deeply disturbed by our elected officials (Democrats) who voted to not criminalize Female Genital Mutilation. How do you say that you are for women’s and girl’s rights and health but allow barbarians to cut off their clitoris?

2. First generation immigrants should not have the right to vote. Otherwise, the State and the Country starts becoming more like the country they abandoned, not the country they wanted to immigrate to. 


While Governor LePage has done a great job with creating jobs and lowering the unemployment rate, there are two things that really stand out to me.

1. Augusta seems to be the Mason Dixon Line between the North and the South with a much lower unemployment rate in the southern counties. Those counties typically vote Democrat even though Govenor LePage is responsible for the job growth.
2. Are State policies purposely helping Blue Counties while spurning the Red Counties? Business around Portland has grown so much that it is difficult to find business rental property. Housing and business rental prices have skyrocketed. But what about cities like Bangor, Waterville, Skowhegan, and Ellsworth? There is a lot of potential for building up those areas and improving the lives of 10’s of thousands of people.

I think the next Governor need to do a better job in helping those areas, and bringing in big business. There needs to be more entertainment to keep the younger generations from leaving Maine. I’ve previously mentioned bringing in a couple indoor waterpark which will create hundreds of jobs and improve the overall health of Mainers. Two cities in Maine, Scarborough and Brunswick, are both trying to convince to open a warehouse there. Again, this would be great for Southern Maine but where is the love for the other half of the state? Either way, Maine needs to reduce the tax burden to attract more businesses. Maybe if more businesses would open, more of the younger population wouldn’t leave?


While I’m not really running for office, I am curious as to what you believe and why you believe what you do. Is it because of party politics or something you heard on main stream media? It is your duty as a voter to make informed decisions. Without being informed, you become a victim of the political whores who sell you out for the sake of power that comes along with the territory.

Are there any candidates with true integrity?



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