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  • Reducing Maine’s Cancer Rate Maine is a beautiful State! We have an amazing coastline with beaches, coves, quaint islands, fresh lobster, and Acadia National Park which is visited by millions of people each year....

Reducing Maine’s Cancer Rate

Reducing Maine’s Cancer Rate
August 09
04:24 2017

Maine is a beautiful State! We have an amazing coastline with beaches, coves, quaint islands, fresh lobster, and Acadia National Park which is visited by millions of people each year. For the outdoorsman, we have nature trails, hiking, fishing, and clean air. But Maine has a few dirty little secrets that it doesn’t like to talk about too much.

  1. It’s almost dead last among Business Friendly States
  2. We typically get failing grades in government integrity
  3. One person dies every day from drug overdoses
  4. We have a huge problem with prosecutorial misconduct
  5. And we have the highest cancer rate in the Nation.

Government officials frequently talk about how Maine has an aging population that struggles with trying to keep its youngest and brightest here in the State. But when you can make $15,000 more per year in a State like New Hampshire, go to Connecticut that has a passing Integrity score, or move to New Mexico where it has the lowest cancer rate, it’s pretty difficult convincing people to stay. Maine is called Vacationland for a reason. It’s a great place to visit in the summer, but the 7 months of winter is brutal.

I think it is important to point out that 4 of the dirty little secrets actually have something in common. It’s contributing to Maine’s cancer rate. I wish I could blame it all on our corrupt prosecutors but I couldn’t be so lucky.

But what is really causing it all? Is there something in the water or air that is making us sick? Does the government have an evil plot to purposely reduce the population? Could it be Maine’s obsession with Allen’s Coffee Brandy? While the answer may not be so easy to figure out, there are definitely some contributing factors to Maine having the highest rate of cancer.

While I am not a doctor, and I don’t play one on t.v., I would say I am pretty good at finding patterns of behavior or problems and finding solutions to them. Here is what I have found.

For years we have had news reports about Mainers having a lack of vitamin D in our system because of a lack of sunlight. Then there are reports to the contrary saying that vitamin D should only be taken if we are having bone loss problems.

I am just wondering who all these sponsors are telling us one thing one minute, and then the complete opposite another. For those of you that don’t know, sunlight helps our body process vitamin D to a usable form which has been shown to kill cancer cells. There are many medical studies suggesting that Vitamin D not only helps to prevent cancer, but in high doses there has been success in causing the tumor to commit suicide.

Great! So how do we get it!? How do we make Mainers physically and mentally healthy again, lower the cancer rate, bring more businesses to Maine that aren’t all medical related, and improve the quality of life without snowbirding 6 months out of the year? Good question. I think I might have a solution.

If you checked the link about the cancer rates per state, you will see that the highest incidence rate was primarily in the north east…. the cold, long, wintery, north east. Interestingly enough, Vermont and Massachusetts had the lowest rates in New England. States in the southwest have the lowest cancer incident rates in the nation. We can also include Florida into the mix surprisingly. These are generally warmer weather States that receives more sunlight each day and have shorter winters. They also have more jobs where people are outside longer. This means they are getting more sunlight to produce usable vitamin D, which lowers your risk of cancer.

My solution to this problem actually resolves a few issues. It adds more jobs, helps Maine get healthier which will increase productivity, and makes life more livable.

Maine is called Vacationland for a reason. Why can’t we create an environment where people will want to come year around, and will be more likely to stay.

Instead of Mainer’s spending thousands of dollars on a 7 day trip to Florida or California, why not bring a taste of Florida or California to Maine?

This video is of a water park in Germany called Tropical Island Resort. It is so large that it can hold up to 6,000 people per day and there are 500 employees. Of course, you would need to have the governor sign off on tax breaks to get a business like this to come to Maine, but the benefits for the State of Maine would be threw the roof. People from all over would be coming to Maine to beat the winter blues. With a staff of 500 people, the State would be bringing in more tax revenue, the local hotels would be booked all the time, and all of the other local businesses would benefit.

By installing UVB lighting in the water park, it would provide sufficient vitamin D production to reduce the cancer rate. I would also assume that it would lower the depression rate, increase overall happiness, and give Mainers something else to be proud of.

I think one of the biggest problems with the drug issue is the lack of jobs and lack of interesting things to do. This would solve that problem and kick Maine’s economy up a notch.

So please…. will the next Governor turn the Open for Business light on? It’s affecting everyone’s health.

For more information about indoor water parks: Wisconsin Dells

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