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Weapons of Mass Destruction Found In Maine

Weapons of Mass Destruction Found In Maine
April 08
20:59 2018

It has recently been discovered that as early as 1994, weapons of mass destruction have existed throughout Maine. Their existence have claimed the lives of many people, destroyed families, and is responsible for behavioral problems in children. This has cost Maine taxpayers millions of dollars. Unfortunately, the voices of the true victims are being purposely withheld by main stream media as there is a clear Orwellian objective to cover up what is actually happening in Maine. Not only is this known among the political elites, but they may be the ones responsible for unleashing these weapons against the people they represent.

To be clear, I define “weapons of mass destruction” as any weapon that has the ability to cause irreparable harm or death to a large number of people outside of a specific area that was dispersed at the same time. This includes laws that are used to destroy people and remove their rights.

It would appear that Liberal politicians are “weaponizing” laws and having the judicial system enforce these laws for political power with the objective of removing your Constitutional rights. Dissenting opinion which is protected by the 1st Amendment is in jeopardy. The right to protect your family from enemies both foreign and domestic which is protected by the 2nd Amendment is in jeopardy. Your basic right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is being destroyed by people who would prefer to build a wall and take away your guns. Didn’t the Berlin wall come down in 1989 allowing German citizens to be free from communist rule? This is straight tyranny!


Nov. 10, 1989: East German border guards try to prevent a crowd climbing onto the Berlin Wall on the morning that the first section was pulled down.

Right now, LD 1884, introduced by Liberal Senator Mark Dion of Portland, seeks to subvert and circumvent the U.S. Constitution by removing the 2nd Amendment rights of Maine Citizens based upon allegations alone! The bill would give Judges the right to secretly sign off on a temporary order based upon allegations alone which would allow law enforcement to confiscate your weapons without due process of law, essentially violating your Constitutional rights, and then forcing you to prove your innocence at a later date. Not only is this a violation of your civil rights, but let me tell you this, innocent men in Maine have routinely had their rights taken away since 1994. If you include what happens in family court, men have lost their rights decades ago. This new bill expands governmental power and is another attempt to whittle away at what used to be our “bill of rights.” Obviously they aren’t teaching civics in school anymore.

Let me elaborate more on the degradation of our civil rights since many people in Maine don’t understand this because the Portland Press Herald and Bangor Daily News just won’t talk about it. They are complacent with the issue. Maybe even somewhat compromised. I have been told in confidence by a few reporters that their editors have an agenda and they can’t go public with certain stories. I suspect it is because it would have devastating effects on Janet Mills chances of winning the election for governor. This is a woman who has routinely attacked the civil rights of men who she disagrees with politically. Isn’t the office of the  Attorney General suppose to be non-partisan, not a progressive ICBM launch pad?

In 2015, Attorney General Janet Mills filed a civil rights law suit against a man who was asserting his 1st Amendment right to peacefully assemble in the protesting of Planned Parenthood’s position on aborting future Mainers. Allegedly, Janet Mills took issue, not with the content of his message but the fact that someone inside of Planned Parenthood could have heard him. But the legal director of the Maine ACLU “applauded Mills for standing up for the rights of women seeking abortions and health care.” So if Janet Mills is pro-abortion and also supports bringing in more immigrants to combat our aging Maine population, isn’t this counter-productive?

Or is she really saying, let’s abort white Maine babies in favor of bringing in impoverished immigrants who will vote Democrat even though they engage in female genital mutilation and treat women like 2nd class citizens? 

With the introduction of the Violence Against Women Act in 1994, many non-profit organizations have popped up pandering for Federal and State funding. In order to keep their funding, they need to prove that there is a huge problem with domestic violence perpetrated by a man against a woman. Thus there is an incentive to prosecute men, “believe” women, and completely destroy the lives of anyone in their path who disagree. They do not help straight men who are abused by their wives. Men in Maine are routinely told by the legal system that men cannot be victims, men are always the perpetrator, and if they allege they are being abused by their girlfriend or wife, they are shamed into silence. Again, this is a violation of the equal protection clause of the Constitution. But I think most people either forget this fact or were never taught what this really means.

The Violence Against Women Act became the beginning of the legal gun grabs to circumvent the 2nd Amendment. 

To make matters worse, which presents a huge conflict of interest, is that prosecutors and law enforcement officers are frequently board members of these Domestic Violence agencies. So we have prosecutors and police which are State employees paid with tax dollars working with non-profits to target men so that these agencies can obtain government funding. This equates to around $1 million per year between State and Federal grants for some of these agencies. Assistant District Attorney William Entwisle is just one of the prosecutors who have served as Board members of local domestic violence agencies according to record. Former Washington County Sheriff, Donnie Smith, who was also on the Next Step board at one time, allegedly threatened his wife. When she called the police out of fear, she was arrested instead. To me, this is a huge red flag.

Before Matthew Foster took over as District Attorney in Hancock County, due process was “more of a guideline” rather than a rule. Former prosecutor Mary Kellett was the first prosecutor in the history of Maine to be disciplined by the Maine Supreme Court for violating the rights of Vladek Filler. Former ADA Kellett was found to have violated 7 BAR Association Rules when she instructed law enforcement to withhold and/or destroy exculpatory evidence, made improper statements (lied) to the jury, and was in non-compliance with discovery rules. In the Vladek Filler case, a video circulating the internet showed Mr. Filler’s ex-wife inside the DA’s office being coached on how to cry to look credible. Yet Hancock County still prosecuted him! This is an outrage but no one really raised an eyebrow! Where was all the local media on this?

According to U.S. Constitutional Lawyer and Scholar Alan Dershowitz on the “modus operandi” of the criminal justice game;

“Rule III: It is easier to convict guilty defendants by violating the Constitution than by complying with it….
Rule IV: Many police lie about whether they violated the Constitution in order to convict a guilty defendant.
Rule V: All Prosecutors, judges, and defense attorneys are aware of Rule IV.
Rule VI: Many prosecutors implicitly encourage police to lie about whether they violated the Constitution to convict guilty defendants.”

Somehow the populace has the impression that our legal system is fair and impartial, and that Constitutional rights matter in a court of law. Believe me, this is what our founding fathers warned us about!

The Filler case accomplished three things for the State of Maine. (1) It exposed many of the illegal and Unconstitutional practices of the judicial system as a political agenda. (2) It established a standard for which prosecutors can be sanctioned within the State of Maine, and (3) it established case precedence allowing criminal defendants who were also in a divorce/custody battle to raise the issue of false allegations for the purpose of gaining the upper hand in family court.

Unfortunately, when civil rights victims seeks justice, they are asking for it from the same people who violated their rights to begin with. Currently, Vladek Filler has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the corrupt prosecutors that that violated and destroyed his life for political agenda. This case should have been decided long ago since the Maine Supreme Court already ruled that his rights had been violated and Ms. Kellett was disciplined. However, the Attorney Generals Office, which authorized the State to fight the victim in court again, is dragging this out which is likely costing Maine millions of dollars in taxpayer money. This court battle going into its 4th year has re-victimized Mr. Filler, with AG Janet Mills leading the cavalry against him. Janet Mills is allegedly the civil rights champion yet it appears civil rights don’t apply to straight men when the perpetrator is state government. The newspapers won’t cover the story likely because it hurts Janet Mill’s election chances to become the next governor of Maine.

As a white man who caught these tyrants in the proverbial cookie jar and later had his conviction vacated, Mr. Filler, 10 years later is still fighting Hancock County and the Attorney Generals office for violating his civil rights. Janet Mills, top legal officer in the State of Maine, who is responsible for representing the public interest and operating the victim’s compensation fund, still protects Mary Kellett and the actions of Hancock County officials. If Janet Mills was actually interested in civil rights for everyone, not just the civil rights of Liberals, she would have forced Mary Kellett to resign years ago. 

The Agenda: The Violence Against Women Act gives the court the authority to remove the gun rights of men who has been found to have violated the act. However, the standard of evidence is so low that a mere allegation without other forms of evidence is sufficient to find the man guilty of domestic violence. Feminists chant “believe her.” And the courts most often do. LD 1884 makes gun grabbing even easier without even having a trial. One false allegation and you may get a knock at your door by law enforcement ordering you to hand in your guns. LD 1884 is a civil act, not a criminal act. What this means is you would be required to hire an attorney to represent you, paying thousands of dollars to prove your innocence in order to get your guns back. Free lawyers for low income citizens only applies in criminal cases. 

The liberal left are coming for your guns by creating laws that allow false allegations to be brought against you, knowing false accusers aren’t being prosecuted, with the help of rogue prosecutors who want the Constitution destroyed or radically altered. 

As citizens of Maine, we have the right to hold our elected officials accountable for misuse of public funds. California taxpayers routinely use what is called a “writ of mandamus” to stop their corrupt officials form spending taxpayer dollars frivolously. It creates a legal mandate by the State Supreme Court and puts the state official or state office on notice that their actions are illegal or not authorized and must immediately stop. When State officials misuse funds, it causes everyone’s taxes to increase. Maine is known for notoriously high taxes and is one of the reasons we aren’t considered “business friendly.” Whether a writ of mandamus is appropriate in this situation is debatable, and I don’t know whether this has been tried in Maine before. But a writ of mandamus  is something I may personally consider filing in the near future.

What ticks me off about today’s liberals is that they have become entitled little punks who no longer promote freedom and equality. They tell others how to act and live even if that violates the law.

What ticks me off about today’s conservatives is that they blindly trust their elected officials to the point that they have no clue who they are really voting for. Many political candidates flip flop between parties or get elected Republican, yet vote with the Democrats. Republicans In Name Only need to be removed from office. I’m looking at you Susan Collins!

I want my country back! I can trace my heritage all the way back to the Founding Fathers. I am proud to call John Adams, Samuel Adams, John Alden, and Oliver Wendell Holmes, my family. They would be rolling over in their graves seeing what has become of the country they built after fighting over less corruption than we have today. But who is willing to fight anymore? Just the kids eating tide pods and shoving condoms up their noses?

In closing, laws should come with a disclaimer similar to the pharmaceutical industry that lists all the side effects of the drug they are trying to sell. “Warning: This law may cause false allegations, divorce, violation of due process, prosecutorial misconduct, abuse of judicial discretion, violation of your Constitutional rights, behavior problems in children, and an increase in wealth distribution.” This would solve a lot of our problems.

We have a U.S. Constitution for a reason. It is a protection of your rights, not a protection of government rights… “of the people, by the people and for the people.”

You have been warned! Maine is a hostile place for men, families, and conservatives. If you sit back and wait, don’t come crying to me that your rights were taken away.

Vote LD1884 down, challenge the removal of your civil rights, and create writs of mandamus to prevent public funds from being misused. It is the only way you can disarm these terrorists from using weapons of mass destruction against you and your family.


UPDATE: The evidence keeps piling up.     The liberal Maine rally call is to kill white babies through Planned Parenthood and then replace them with voting aged immigrants from poor countries. These immigrants will most likely vote Democrat and sway elections.

In the State of New York, Govenor Cuomo just gained 35,000 more votes by giving felons their voting rights.

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

~ Abraham Lincoln

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